Variability in bilingual language processing

Project within the SFB 1287 - Limits of Variability in Language; Cluster B: Limits of variability in language processing within and between individuals

This project examines how Turkish/German bilingual speakers’ processing of sentences and morphologically complex words is influenced by grammatical vs. non-grammatical constraints. We specifically investigate two important sources for inter-individual variability in bilinguals: age of acquisition and amount of exposure and practice. We also determine the range of intra-individual variability in bilinguals’ performance across different processing tasks and modalities. The project aims to develop a model that accounts both for linguistic choices which are subject to variability and for those which are consistent and robust in bilingual language processing.

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Project Staff

Prof. Dr. Harald Clahsen (principal investigator)

PD Dr. Claudia Felser (principal investigator)

Dr. Anna Jessen (postdoctoral researcher)

Dr. Serkan Uygun (postdoctoral researcher)