Aleksandra Trifonova

Research interests

My current research interests focus on the interplay between domain-general skills and language processing. Of particular interest are the nature of language processing across the adult lifespan and the influence of age-related cognitive changes on this development. In my doctoral project, I investigate these phenomena in relation to syntactic processing in mono- and bilingual speakers.



Since 2021 Doctoral student at the Potsdam Research Institute for Multilingualism

Supervisors: PD Dr. Claudia Felser

                           Dr. Jana Reifegerste

2019-2021 Master of Science in Linguistics (University of Potsdam)

                  Master’s thesis: „Morphological Processing across the Lifespan: Evidence from German Plurals“

                  Supervisors: Dr. Jana Reifegerste

                                            Dr. Laura Anna Ciaccio

2015-2019 Bachelor of Science (Russia)