Agent-Based Models of Global Climate Policy

Project title: Agent-Based Models of Global Climate Policy

Project duration: since 2016

Project leader: Prof. Detlef Sprinz, Ph.D.

Cooperation partners: Håkon Sælen, Jon Hovi, and Arild Underdal (University of Oslo and CICERO - Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo)

Short Description

We develop two agent-based models of international climate policy.  The first model is geared towards explaining the conditions under which durable, ambitious international climate clubs can be built based on a combination of international public goods and private (club) goods.  The second model takes the architecture of the 2015 UN Climate Agreement at Paris as a point of departure and derives the conditions under which the long-term goal of 1.5-2 degrees C global mean temperature change can be honored - or not.