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In the wake of changing hydro-climatological, geo-physical and socio-economic conditions the magnitude, frequency and impact of certain types of natural hazards are likely bound to change as well. This is highly of utmost importance for many regions in the world where risks due to natural hazards have to be managed and mitigated and this is where the research training group “Natural hazards and risks in a changing world (NatRiskChange)” aims to foster the scientific knowledge basis. This research training group started on October 1st 2015 and is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG. The central goal of NatRiskChange is to pursue the development of methods to improve hazard and risk analysis and quantification based on the transient, non-stationary nature of hazards and risks in response to changing natural and anthropogenically altered components of the Earth system. Key scientific aims are the development, testing, and pilot application of studies on identification, quantification (mechanisms) and prediction of transient natural hazards and associated risks.

Abhirup Banerjee

Invitation to PhD defense of Abhirup Banerjee

Abhirup Banerjee will defend his dissertation on 16 August, 10:30 in His topic is "Characterizing the spatio-temporal patterns of Extreme Events - from recurrence to prediction".

Jana Ulrich receives DMG promotional award

She receives the award in recognition for her contributions to descriptions of extreme precipitation of various duration levels through consistent models of extreme value statistics.

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