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Task Force Kumamoto Earthquake 2016

In April 2016 an earthquake sequence (mainshock of 7.3 at 01:25 JST) occurred near Kumamoto on Kyushu Island (Japan) along the Futagawa/Hinagu fault. It triggered more than 600 landslides. Landslides are one of the most hazardous consequences of earthquakes. Consequently, members of the NatRiskChange RTG formed a task force team consisting of researchers and scientists from the University of Potsdam, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam German Centre for Geoscience GFZ and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. The main aim of the taskforce is to gather and analyze numerous information and data from various sources (remote sensing, i.e. radar and satellite; media, i.e. news and social media; interviews with local researchers) in order to investigate the seismic radiation pattern and its connection to trigger landslides.