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Practical Information

Digital ISOLDE2021

The ISOLDE21 Summer School Online Edition will use two online platforms this year. The courses and yoga breaks will be held in Zoom; while all other activities (i.e., the poster sessions and social activities) will be held in Discord.


You will receive the meeting link and password by email the week before the summer school. Please make sure to register for a free Zoom account beforehand with your full name. We recommend installing the Zoom Client for Meetings on your system because the browser version might not provide alle functionalities.

General Instructions & Recommended Settings for Zoom

  • Please make sure that your full name is shown (to rename yourself go to the participants tab and click on "More" or "..." to do so.
  • In order to minimise distracting noises, please turn off your microphone when entering.
  • To make the meeting as “natural” as possible, we invite you to switch on your camera so the presenter can receive visual feedback throughout the presentation.
  • We kindly ask you to refrain from recording the meeting or taking screenshots of the participants.

Tips & Tricks for Zoom during the presentation

  • Set the view to Speaker View (top right of your screen) - If you would like to see everyone, switch to Gallery View.
  • Pin the video of the presenter (you can find this option by clicking on the three little dots in the top right corner of the person’s picture).
  • When a screen is shared and you have pinned the video of the presenter, there will be a View Options tab on the top, next to the green tab stating “you are viewing XYZ’s screen”. With this tab, you can adjust the size of the presentation window
  • Switch on the Side by Side Mode. Now your screen will be split between the presentation slides and the picture of the presenter.
  • If you would like to ask a question, you can raise your hand or send a message through the chat function.


Detailed instructions and a tutorial video about the Discord platform with its ISOLDE server and the poster sessions will be sent to you soon by email. The server will be opened in June and you will be sent the invitation link on 2/June. With this link you can enter the Discord space of ISOLDE and if needed, register a new account. Please use your full name so we can verify you are a registered participant of ISOLDE.

If you would like to test out Discord together with the ISOLDE team and get familiar with the interface before the start of the summer school, we will have a live practice session on 7/June at 16:00 CEST (=UTC+2) in the channel called Lobby Hangout. We encourage people new to Discord to join this session.

Feel free to get used to the server and use the available channels to get to know each other already in the week before the start of the summer school! You can also already browser the posters.

Apart from private messages, the server has 3 types of channels to communicate:

  1. Announcement channels where the team will send you information or you can ask us questions
  2. Text channels where you can chat messenger-style. These channels are characterised by a '#'
  3. Voice channels where you can video-call. Voice channels are prefixed by a speaker icon. To enter this channel, just click on the channel name and your microphone and headphones will connect. Some tips for video-calling:
    • Everytime you enter a channel, you will need to manually reactivate your webcam (you can do that by clicking on the Video button in the bottom left corner).
    • Make sure you test your audio/video equipment, and find help in the technical issues channel.
    • Watch the video tutorial if you’re unsure:

Poster sessions

During the poster sessions, separate channels will be opened. Each poster will have both a voice channel (in the folder 'Poster Session X') for the live presentation and a text channel (in the folder 'Posters Text Chat') for commenting and communicating anytime. While the posters' text channels are all in the same folder, voice channels grouped into folders by session.

Social activities & networking

The social activities will be online games via Discord. To join, you can enter the Games Room channel, from where you will be randomly moved to a smaller social activity room of up to 6 players. The first activity will be an ice breaker game to get to know each other, and the second a collaborative visual guessing game. After a certain period of time, you will be randomly moved to different rooms, so you can get to know different people.

Throughout the summer school, there will be several hangout rooms available where you can chat/talk in smaller groups during breaks or after the workshops. The rooms are named to suggest activities/topics (Music Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Study, etc.) to do/talk about, but feel free to use them however you wish.

Finally, we also offer daily 15 minute online office yoga sessions during the workshop breaks via Zoom with a certified instructor to get some oxygen flowing. Please sign up if you would like to join by filling out this Liability Waiver Agreement.