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Oberseminar Sommersemester 2023 Schedule

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PULS: Aktuelle Themen aus der aquatischen Ökologie

Current Topics in Aquatic Ecology   
SS 2023     
Maulbeerallee: Internal = small lecture hall  house 2 | Joint meetings = big lecture hall hours 2a 
DateSpeakerPreliminary Title or TopicComment
17.04.2023Brendan Wintle (Univ. Melbourne) Joint (Zurell)
24.04.2023Susanne KohrsAnalyzing the evolutionary dynamics of 'Switching Speed' and 'Sensitivity for predation risks' as parameters for inducible defense in a predator-prey food webInternal
01.05.2023Public Holiday (May Day)
08.05.2023David Vasseur (Univ. Yale)Integrating temperature variation into population dynamic models: working toward improved forecasting of extinction riskJoint (Gaedke)
15.05.2023Avril Weinbach (Univ. Hohenheim)Modelling eco-evolutionary feedbacks in mutualistic systems under Global ChangeInternal
22.05.2023Julia PawlakCo-existence of two close related rotifer speciesInternal
29.05.2023Public holiday (Pentecost Monday)
05.06.2023Thorsten Wiegand (UFZ, Leipzig)Spatial patterns allow combining analytical and individual-based simulation modelsJoint (Jeltsch)
12.06.2022Laurie WojcikTwo aspects of horizontal diversity, richness and potential for trait adaptation, affect ecosystem functions and their temporal stability in bitrophic modelsInternal
19.06.2022Louica PhilippMetacommunity size and connectance affect local diversity enhancement from self-organized pattern formationInternal
26.06.2023Elias Ehrlich (IGB, Berlin)Co-designing management recommendations with stakeholders: a participatory modelling approach for northern pike (Esox lucius) in the southern Baltic SeaInternal
03.07.2023Karsten Wesche (Senckenberg, Görlitz) Joint (Linstädter)
10.07.2023Nicole Glinski and Sophia PatschkeSophia: Behavioral Response of Freshwater Zooplankton to Environmental Stressors;
Nicole: Competition experiment between Raphidiopsis raciborskii and Crypromonas sp. at different temperatures and salinities
17.07.2023Ulia Azovskaja and Ruben Jardner?Ulia: Effects of Microplastic consume on Sublethal Life Traits of Daphnids
Ruben: TBA