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Oberseminar Summer term 2024 Schedule

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SS 2024Aquatic Ecology
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Zoom passcode:64147510
08/04/2024apl. Prof. Dr. Guntram Weithoff
 Dr. Christian Guill 
University of PotsdamJournal club on
community ecology
Internal seminar
15/04/2024Prof. Dr. Robert ArlinghausIGB, HU BerlinRecreational fisheries as a model system for social-ecological researchJoint ecological colloquium
(AG Gaedke)
22/04/2024Louica Philipp
Dr. Christian Guill 
University of PotsdamEco-evo-spatial feedbacks: How pattern formation promotes diversityInternal seminar
29/04/2024Dr. Jean Philippe GibertDuke UniversityRapid eco-phenotypic feedback and the temperature response of biomass dynamicsInternal seminar
06/05/2024Prof. Dr. Sebastian SeiboldUniversity Dresden, Biodiversity ExploratoriesTBAJoint ecological colloquium (AG Eccard)
13/05/2024Laurie WojcikUniversity of PotsdamLinks between biodiversity, environmental changes and ecosystem functioningInternal seminar
Whit Monday
----Bank holiday
27/05/2024Dr. Ingrid Chorusformerly Umweltbundesamt (UBA)Interface between cyanobacterial ecology and policy makingInternal seminar
03/06/2024Prof. Dr. Tobias PlieningerUniversity Kassel,
University Göttingen
TBAJoint ecological colloquium
(AG Linstädter)
10/06/2024Laurie WojcikUniversity of PotsdamResponse of rotifer-algae systems with different diversity levels to a nutrient pulseInternal seminar
17/06/2024apl. Prof. Dr. Guntram Weithoff
Dr. Toni Klauschies
Prof. Dr. Ursula Gaedke
University of PotsdamTrophic interactions are more
flexible than we thought
Internal seminar
24/06/2024Lilla KissUniversity of PotsdamEffects of functional response type on fluctuation-dependent coexistenceInternal seminar
01/07/2024Prof. Dr. Marco HeurichUniversity FreiburgTBAJoint ecological colloquium (AG Jeltsch)
08/07/2024Dr. Elias EhrlichUniversity of Potsdam The role of trade-off shapes for community adaptation and maintenance of ecosystem functions under environmental changeInternal seminar
15/07/2024--  Internal seminar