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Welcome to the Bioinformatics Group of the University of Potsdam led by Prof. Dr. Zoran Nikoloski

Our research aims to identify the most important cellular components ("markers") characterizing biological processes such as which gene products respond most significantly to external stimuli. We use a variety of supervised and unsupervised machine learning as well graph theory-based methods to analyze and interpret complex and heterogeneous data from high-throughput experiments. In addition, the group develops internet-based database tools that allow for the efficient storage, download and management of biological measurement data. Classical bioinformatics questions such as the analysis, comparison and prediction of biological macromolecules both on the sequence as well as on the structural level are also addressed.


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Master's degree program, Lectures and Theses

We invite all new students to the Bioinformatics Welcome Meeting:

On October 21, 2021 at 3 p.m. our new students, some students from the third semester and some lecturers from our bioinformatics program will have a Welcome Meeting. We present our master's degree in bioinformatics and you have the opportunity to meet other students and lecturers through our program, to greet them and to exchange ideas. We are happy to answer questions about the courses. Details for the coming winter semester can be found in the Moodle group for the new bioinformatics students.

For those of you who are unable to attend this meeting, we are sending an invitation to a Zoom session.


The Welcome Meeting takes place on the Golm campus:

Building 14 (Zebra House), room 0.47 (ground floor), 200m from Potsdam-Golm train station.



Sincerely your Bioinformatics team