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Publications 2014


K. Feher, J. Lisec, L. Römisch-Margl, J. Selbig, A. Gierl, H.-P. Piepho, Z. Nikoloski and L. Willmitzer (2014)
Deducing hybrid performance from parental metabolic profiles of young primary roots of maize by using a multivariate diallel approach.
PLoS ONE 9, e85435.

K.-T. Guo, P. Fu, K. Jürchott, H. Motaln, J. Selbig, T. Lah, J.-C. Tonn and C. Schichor (2014)
The expression of Wnt-inhibitor DKK1 (Dickkopf 1) is determined by intercellular crosstalk and hypoxia in human malignant gliomas.
Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 140, 1261-1270.

M. Hermanussen, C. Alt, K. Staub, C. Aßmann and D. Groth (2014)
The impact of physical connectedness on body height in Swiss conscripts.
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 71, 313-327.

M. Hermanussen, C. Aßmann, D. Groth and K. Staub (2014)
Final height, target height and the community.
Georgian Medical News 230, 30-34.

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Adolescent growth: genes, hormones and the peer group. Proceedings of the 20th Aschauer Soiree, held at Glücksburg castle, Germany, 15th to 17th November 2013.
Pediatric endocrinology reviews: PER 11, 341-353.

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Biological cluster evaluation for gene function prediction.
Journal of Computational Biology 21, 428-445.

D. Rajasundaram, J. Runavot, X. Guo, W. Willats, F. Meulewaeter and J. Selbig (2014)
Understanding the Relationship between Cotton Fiber Properties and Non-Cellulosic Cell Wall Polysaccharides.
PLoS ONE 10, e112168.

D. Rajasundaram, J. Selbig, S. Persson and S. Klie (2014)
Co-ordination and divergence of cell-specific transcription and translation of genes in arabidopsis root cells.
Ann Bot.114, 1109-1123.

I.M. Schedina, S. Hartmann, D. Groth, I. Schlupp and R. Tiedemann (2014)
Comparative analysis of the gonadal transcriptomes of the all-female species Poecilia formosa and its maternal ancestor Poecilia mexicana.
BMC Research Notes 7, 249.