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Master's degree program in bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is considered one of the disciplines whose discoveries are expected to have a lasting mark on modern history. Without bioinformatics the prospects of modern systems biology, systems medicine and systems genetic, including: personalized and effective medicine, the development of new and efficacious drugs or ensuring a high-quality supply of food, would be unthinkable to achieve. Bioinformatics has the development of modern techniques for analysis of large-scale biological data at its core, allowing us to dissect the organizing principles and functions of complex biological systems.

The English-language master's degree program in bioinformatics at the University of Potsdam provides the knowledge necessary to address the demands of analysis of biological systems together with data gathered with various technologies. The program is principally geared towards students with a bachelor's degree in life sciences, computer sciences, mathematics or physics.  We assume that a thorough knowledge of the basics in natural sciences or computer sciences provides an advantage in mastering the cross-disciplinary science of bioinformatics.

More information about our Masters program and the application to the program can be found at the university page.

And on the German Master program page.