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Publications 2024

University of Potsdam - Institute of Biochemistry and Biology- Bioinformatics group - Publications - 2024


Gupta S., Petrov V., Garg V., Mueller-Roeber B., Fernie A. R., Nikoloski Z., Gechev T.
The genome of Haberlea rhodopensis provides insights into the mechanisms for tolerance to multiple extreme environments.

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. 


Habibpour M., Razaghi-Moghadam Z., Nikoloski Z.
Prediction and integration of metabolite-protein interactions with genome-scale metabolic models.

Metabolic Engineering. 


Nikoloski Z., Hsieh Y., Tandon K., Verbruggen H.
Comparative analysis of metabolic models of microbial communities reconstructed from automated tools and consensus approaches.

15 January 2024, PREPRINT (Version 1), Research Square


Razaghi-Moghadam Z., Babadi F. S., Nikoloski Z.
Harnessing the optimization of enzyme catalytic rates in engineering of metabolic phenotypes.

04 February 2024, PREPRINT (Version 1), Research Square