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An overview of data related study programms at the University


Stochastic Modelling with few Parameters

Philipp Meyer (Potsdam), Data assimilation SFB Colloquium, 06.05.2022

Toward a unified framework for large scale imaging problems: Theory, applications, and ...

Hossein S. Aghamiry (Geoazur), Data assimilation SFB Colloquium, 11.05.2022

Investigating palaeoclimate conditions with nonlinear time series analysis

Norbert Marwan (PIK), Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems, 06.05.2022

Stochastic gradient descent in continuous time: discrete and continuous data

Jonas Latz (Edinburgh), Data assimilation SFB Colloquium, 22.04.2022

Augmenting Bayesian inference with possibility theory

Jeremie Houssineau (Warwick), Data assimilation SFB Colloquium, 22.04.2022

Time scales in early warnings: a probabilistic approach

Susanne Ditlevsen (Copenhagen), Data assimilation SFB Colloquium, 29.04.2022


UFS general meeting 02.06.2022

Our general meeting at 11:30 in room 28.2.123 and via Zoom

UFS Day 10.02.2022

Meeting of the research focus data-centric sciences on February 10, via Zoom

Electoral campaigning online: A novel large-scale (ad) data approach

Lukas Thiele starts his work in the group of Prof. Julia Fleischer (Chair in German Politics and Government)


Focus on:
In-plane diffusion of a doxorubicin drug molecule

The diffusion of doxorubicin drug molecules in silica nanoslits is non-Gaussian, intermittent and anticorrelated; Article in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

Noctilucent cloud over Gülper Havel | Location: 52°43'35.1"N 12°13'07.0"E

Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability

New international master course at the University of Potsdam


UFS Day 15.06.2021

Meeting of the research focus data-centric sciences on June 15, in room and via Zoom


New Coordiantor of the UFS

Philipp Meyer has started as new coordinator on April 1st


Focus on:
Modeling COVID-19

Sequential data assimilation of the stochastic SEIR epidemic model for regional COVID-19 dynamics. R.Engbert, M.Rabe, R. Kliegl und S. Reich, Bull Math Biol 83, 1 (2021).