Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems

Participating groups:  Theoretical Physics, Statistical Physics,
                                                 Nonlinear Dynamics, Biological Physis,
                                                 Mathematical Modelling, Systems Biology
Time:                                    Fridays 10:15 - 11:45 h
Location:                   --> Zoom

SS 2021

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restriction the SFB1294 Colloquia will be online, Zoom links will be send via SFB-list. Please see for abstracts.      
Date Speaker Title Invited by Remarks
16.04.2021 Karsten Tabelow, WIAS Berlin MaRDI - The Mathematical Research Data Initiative within the NFDI joint event with SFB 1294  
23.04.2021 Philipp Meyer Applications of Fluctuation Functions Prof. Metzler, Meeting-ID: 638 9091 6780, Kenncode: 19579393
30.04.2021 Taha Yasseri, University College Dublin Why Wikipedia Works and Social Media don't, a complex system approach Prof. Wiesner, Meeting ID: 696 7898 7664, Passcode: 34940251
07.05.2021 Almut Veraart, Imperial College London Cognitive Likelihood-based estimation, model selection, and forecasting of integervalue trawl processes joint event with SFB 1294, Meeting-ID: 623 8838 5369, Kenncode: 36727164
14.05.2021 tba tba    
21.05.2021 tba tba    
28.05.2021 Damaris Zurell, University of Potsdam Understanding and predicting global biodiversity dynamics joint event with SFB 1294
04.06.2021 Philipp Lorenz-Spreen from Max-Planck Institute for Human Development A micro- and macro-level behavioural science perspective on democratic discourse in online environments Prof. Wiesner Meeting ID: 645 1063 3054, Passcode: 54226150
11.06.2021 Petter Holme, Tokyo Institute of Technology Temporal networks of human interaction Prof. Wiesner Meeting ID: 645 1063 3054, Passcode: 54226150
18.06.2021 Namiko Mitarai, Niehls Bohr Institute When to wake up? The optimal waking-up strategies for starvation-induced persistence in bacteria Prof. Wiesner Meeting ID: 645 1063 3054, Passcode: 54226150
25.06.2021 Tatsuo Shibata, RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research Data assimilation simulation in cell biophysics problems joint event with SFB 1294  
02.07.2021 Viola Priesemann, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization Statistical Physics of Spreading Dynamics: From Neural Networks to COVID-19 Prof. Wiesner Meeting ID: 645 1063 3054, Passcode: 54226150
09.07.2021 Dr. Hadiseh Safdari, MPI Intelligent Systems, Tübingen A generative model for reciprocity & community detection in networks Prof. Metzler Meeting-ID: 646 4659 0492, Passcode: 06476764
16.07.2021 tba tba    
23.07.2021 Jobst Heitzig, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Tipping and regime change in several models of various social and socio-ecological dynamics Prof. Wiesner Meeting ID: 645 1063 3054, Passcode: 54226150