Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems

Participating groups:  Theoretical Physics, Statistical Physics,
                                                 Nonlinear Dynamics, Biological Physis,
                                                 Mathematical Modelling, Systems Biology
Time:                                    Fridays 10:15 - 11:45 h

WS 2021/22

Date Speaker Title Invited by Remarks
05.11.2021 Prof. Biman Bagchi, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore Diffusion-entropy scaling in deterministic systems Prof. R. Metzler
05.11.2021 Carsten Hartmann, Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg Goal-oriented coarse-graining of multiscale diffusions with parameter uncertainties joint event with SFB 1294, for abstracts
12.11.2021 Prof. Arkady Pikovsky, University of Potsdam Deterministic active particles: chaos vs synchronization    
26.11.2021 Enkelejda Kasneci, Universtiy of Tübingen tba joint event with SFB 1294, for abstracts  
10.12.2021 Viktor Holubec, Charles University, Czech Republic Delayed active matter Prof. J. Anders  
17.12.2021 Prof. Tim Dietrich, University of Potsdam tba joint event with SFB 1294, for abstracts  
07.01.2022 Jakub Slezak, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Kesten process and Levy flights Prof. R. Metzler  
14.01.2022 Barbara Hammer, Universität Bielefeld tba joint event with SFB 1294, for abstracts  
28.01.2022 Guillermo Chacon Acosta, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City Geometric description of diffusion in narrow environments Prof. R. Metzler