Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems

Participating groups:  Theoretical Physics, Statistical Physics,
                                                 Nonlinear Dynamics, Biological Physis,
                                                 Mathematical Modelling, Systems Biology
Time:                                    Fridays 10:15 - 11:45 h
Location:                   --> Zoom

WS 2020/21

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restriction the SFB1294 Colloquia will be online, Zoom links will be send via SFB-list. Please see for abstracts.      
Date Speaker Title Invited by Remarks
06.11.2020 tba tba    
13.11.2020 Prof. Michael Assaf, Hebrew University Jerusalem Rare events in interacting populations: Role of environmental noise and spatial heterogeneity Prof. Metzler  
20.11.2020 Masoumeh Dashti from the University of Sussex 'Posterior consistency in Bayesian inference with exponential priors' joint event with SFB 1294  
27.11.2020 Dr. Erez Aghion, MPIPKS Dresden Detecting the causes for anomalous diffusion, observed in a 'blind' ensemble of data Prof. Metzler Meeting-ID: 622 8426 7785, Kenncode: 25520639
27.11.2020 Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Zuckerman Institute, Columbia University New York Cognitive computational neuroscience of vision joint event with SFB 1294 and SFB 1287 starting time: 3 pm
04.12.2020 tba tba    
11.12.2020 Judith Rousseau, University of Oxford Bayesian nonparametric estimation in multivariate non linear Hawkes processes joint event with SFB 1294  
18.12.2020 tba tba    
08.01.2021 tba tba    
15.01.2021 Kayo Ide, University of Maryland tba joint event with SFB 1294  
22.01.2021 Prof. Aleksander Weron, Wroclaw University of Science & Technology tba Prof. Metzler UFS data-centric sciences
29.01.2021 tba tba    
05.02.2021 David Hartich, MPI Biophysical Chemistry Goettingen Emergent memory and kinetic hysteresis in strongly driven networks Prof. Metzler  
12.02.2021 tba tba