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Information for Students

An overview of data related study programms at the University


One-shot Learning of Surrogates in PDE-constrained Optimization Under Uncertainty

Claudia Schillings, Freie Universität Berlin, Campus Golm, Building 28, Room 0.108 10:15 - 11:15

Bayesian and Deterministic Spatio-Temporal Methods with Edge-Preserving Priors for Inverse Problems

Mirjeta Pasha, Tufts University, US, Campus Golm, building 9, room 1.10, 12:13 - 13:15

Deep Learning Statistical Tests for Genetic Studies of Image Phenotypes

Christoph Lippert, HPI - Digital Health - Machine Learning, Campus Golm, Building 28, Room 0.108, 10:15 - 11:15

Statistical theory of asymmetric damage segregation in clonal cell populations

Arkady Pikovsky, University of Potsdam, Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems 05.05.2023, 10:15 in Room

Geodesic Levy Flight and The Foraging Hypothesis

Leo Tzou, University of Amsterdam, Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems 19.05.2023, 10:15 in Room

Conservative SPDEs as fluctuating mean field limits of stochastic gradient descent

Vitalii Konarovskyi, University of Bielefeld, Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems 26.05.2023, 10:15 in Room

We augment recently proposed machine-learning techniques for decoding anomalous-diffusion data to include an uncertainty estimate in addition to the predicted output.

UFS Day 13.07.2022

Meeting of the research focus data-centric sciences on July 13, via Zoom

Gruppenbild UFS

UFS general meeting 02.06.2022

Our general meeting at 11:30 in room 28.2.123 and via Zoom

UFS Day 10.02.2022

Meeting of the research focus data-centric sciences on February 10, via Zoom

Electoral campaigning online: A novel large-scale (ad) data approach

Lukas Thiele starts his work in the group of Prof. Julia Fleischer (Chair in German Politics and Government)


Im Fokus:
In-plane diffusion of a doxorubicin drug molecule

The diffusion of doxorubicin drug molecules in silica nanoslits is non-Gaussian, intermittent and anticorrelated; Article in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

Noctilucent cloud over Gülper Havel | Location: 52°43'35.1"N 12°13'07.0"E

Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability

New international master course at the University of Potsdam


UFS Day 15.06.2021

Meeting of the research focus data-centric sciences on June 15, in room and via Zoom


New Coordiantor of the UFS

Philipp Meyer has started as new coordinator on April 1st


Im Fokus:
Modeling COVID-19

Sequential data assimilation of the stochastic SEIR epidemic model for regional COVID-19 dynamics. R.Engbert, M.Rabe, R. Kliegl und S. Reich, Bull Math Biol 83, 1 (2021).