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National research data infrastructure for and with computer science

New grant: NFDIxCS (2023-2028)

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The main goal of the consortium is to identify, define and use an infrastructure for the operation of services for storing complex domain-specific data objects from the breadth of computer science and to implement the FAIR principles across the board. This includes reusable data objects that contain various types of computer science (CS) data, including the associated metadata and the corresponding software, context and execution information in a standardized form. These data objects can be of any size, structure and quality. Specifically, we address the following topics:

  1. NFDIxCS will promote the implementation of the FAIR Data Principles for CS research data and software artifacts, simplify the citability of software and CS data and thus modernize the publication processes and culture in both computer science and its applications. NFDIxCS provides a forum for discussion about research data formats, metadata and semantics. It works towards generally accepted standards, in particular for the sustainable storage, finding and reuse of computer science research data.
  2. In cooperation with other scientific disciplines, NFDIxCS will promote the application of computer science methods such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, large amounts of data are generated during the operation of these systems, e.g. in the areas of high performance computing and computer architecture, which in turn also contribute to the further development of genuine computer science methods.
  3. NFDIxCS will share the experience and knowledge of the computer science community on system architectures, processes, standards for interoperability, data-oriented scientific publication and communication systems with all interested scientific areas or consortia in the NFDI family.

The Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) - its specialist groups and communication channels - in combination with other partners at national, European and international level is used as a base and starting point to create an open environment that supports all researchers in computer science with their research data needs. The core principle in NFDIxCS is to establish an organisational, technical, cooperative and interoperable infrastructure in order to bundle the existing forces of relevant services and actors from and for CS. The services developed are designed for sustainable operation at minimal cost. A targeted community development for a cultural change supports young scientists to negotiate practices and standards and to develop the skills for responsible handling of their research data.

NFDIxC spokesperson is Prof. Michael Goedicke (University of Duisburg-Essen), and Prof. Ulrike Lucke (University of Potsdam) is deputy spokesperson. The Potsdam contribution is mainly in the task areas "Community Development", "Architectures and Interfaces" and "Quality Management".

Project volume

about € 15 Mio. (DFG)



Prof.Dr.-Ing.habil. Ulrike Lucke
Phone +49-331-977-3023

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