PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or S/MIME (Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) can be used to  encrypt and sign email messages. As part of the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) of the German Research Network (Deutsches Forschungsnetz - DFN) the University of Potsdam is entitled to issue the certificates you need to use S/MIME.

You can apply for a user certificate at the DFN-PKI webpage . Please fill in all the form fields marked with an asterisk (*), check your inputs, print the application and take it to one of the "Teilnehmerservice-Mitarbeiter" listed below who will check and approve it. Don't forget to bring an ID!

Please read the Informationen für Zertifikatsinhaber.

The certificates private key must not be accessible to anyone but yourself and should be protected by a password. Please keep in mind that if you'll lose the private key or forget the password, your encrypted emails, old or new, will no longer be readable.

Information on applying for server certificates can be found on the ZIM website https://www.uni-potsdam.de/en/zim/angebote-loesungen/zertifikate.

Teilnehmerservice-Mitarbeiter at the institute of computer science

Teilnehmerservice-Contact at ZIM

Please send mail with subject "Frage DFN-PKI Zertifikate" to the ZIM ticket system. Their staff will contact you.