• Professur Biologische Physik

Biological Physics Group

Ranging from the molecular and cellular scale to tissues, organisms, and whole ecosystems, the complexity of living systems poses some of the most fundamental challenges to current scientific research. In the Biological Physics Group, we focus on the level of individual cells, where we address biological questions with the tools of physics, relying, in particular, on microscopy and micromanipulation techniques as well as on the ideas and concepts of pattern formation in nonlinear systems.

Prof. Beta teaching in front auf white board

Awards for outstanding teaching 2020

This year's faculty awards for outstanding teaching at the Faculty goes to Prof. Dr. C. Beta, S. S. Panah, T. Moldenhawer and S. Beier from our group.

Medaille of IOP

IOP Trusted Reviewer

Dr. Robert Großmann, our group member, has been awarded the status of IOP Trusted Reviewer.


Outstanding Referee

Our group member Dr. Robert Großmann is the outstanding reviewer of the month July 2020 in nature- Communications Physics.

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Dynamics Days Digital 2020

At this year's online conference "DDD 2020”, our group co-organized and participated in two minisymposia. See youtube-link to the talk of Dr. Flemmig:

collisions types of microorganism

Publication October 2020

Dr. Großmann published in Nature Communications

Cartoon of Bacteria motility

Publication May 2020

Chemotaxis strategies of bacteria with multiple run modes

Video microscopy of a cell division by protein waves

Recent Publication

Wave power – How cortical waves drive fission of motile cells

Chemotactically guided transport and assembly of micro-objects by collectively moving cells and cell clusters

Interesting Publication

Harnessing Motile Amoeboid Cells as Trucks for Microtransport and -Assembly

Plakat for ECC10

International Conference

The conference will cover the entire topical range of complex chemical systems

Plakat for the Symposium EB60

International Symposium

The international symposium will bring together scientists from the fields of turbulence and pattern formation research


V. Pfeifers talk for BLAST 2021

S. Sharifi Panahs talk for 'Nanoengineering for mechanobiology' N4M2020/21