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We actively pursue the transfer of our results from academic research to commercial applications in the field of biotechnology. Together with the transfer service of our university, we have successfully launched several patent applications that cover microperfusion techniques and novel concepts of paper-based microfluidics. Based on funding from the EXIST initiative, we are currently preparing the launch of Diamond Inventics, a start-up company that develops and commercializes on-site test assays for microorganisms in drinking water supplies. By combining concepts of antibody detection and paper-based microfluidics, a novel generation of rapid and easy to use on-site tests will be brought to market.

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Bacteria like E. coli, Legionella and many others are dangerous pathogens that pose a serious risk when present in our drinking water. In cases of contamination of drinking water systems or swimming pools, customers have to wait between 2 and 14 days for the results of current laboratory-based tests. Diamond Inventics is offering for the first time a rapid test system that provides accurate on-site results in less than 30 minutes. The Diamond Inventics on-site diagnostic system is user friendly and safe, so that any customer is able to perform tests at any time and in any place, wherever he suspects that a contamination has occurred. More than 6000 water supplying companies in Germany are our target group for market entry but the potential market is much larger, since our test system can be readily adapted to applications in air conditioning and ventilation systems but also in the food sector. At Diamond Inventics, we currently develop our water testing system together with our pilot customers Potsdamer Wasser- und Umweltlabor (PWU) and Trink- und Abwasser-Zweckverband (TAZV) to optimally match the market requirements.

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