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Target audience:  Bachelor students, Master students
                                       PhD students, co-workers
Time:                          Wednesday 09:15- 10:45

WS 2023/2024

Date Speaker Title Remarks
18.10.2023 Carsten Beta semester start  
25.10.2023 no seminar   Carsten not available
01.11.2023 no seminar   Carsten not available
08.11.2023 lab meeting   Carsten not available
15.11.2023 no seminar   Carsten not available
22.11.2023 Valeriia Muraveva Bacteria behavior in flow: look from a different perspective  
29.11.2023 Jan Albrecht Exploring Trajectory Data Using Bayesian Methods  
06.12.2023 Cristina Martinez Torres tba  
13.12.2023 no seminar   Carsten not available
03.01.2024 Robert Großmann tba  
10.01.2024 Veronika Pfeifer tba  
17.01.2024 Setareh Sharifi Panah tba  
24.01.2024 Oleh Omelchenko tba  
31.01.2024 Agniva Datta    
07.02.2024 no seminar   Carsten not available

SS 2023

Date Speaker Title Remarks
19.04.2023 no seminar   IMPRS spring workshop
26.04.2023 Carsten Beta S1-safety briefing good scientific practice
03.05.2023 Lara Bort Collective Cell-Colloid Transport +R. Metzler via Zoom
10.05.2023   no seminar Carsten not available
17.05.2023   no seminar Carsten not available
24.05.2023   no seminar  
31.05.2023 Dr. Cristina Martinez Torres Understanding cell decisions: to be free or to be squeezed  
07.06.2023 Agniva Datta Understanding the motility of bacteria in disordered environments  
14.06.2023 Valeriia Muraveva Light-induced Fluid Flow: Manipulation of Colloids and Bacterial Swimmers  
21.06.2023 Dr. Oleh Omelchenko Moving spiral wave patterns in the Kuramoto-type models related to the dynamics of cilia carpets  
28.06.2023 Jan Albrecht Likelihood Calculation for Ameboid Motion II  
05.07.2023 Setareh Sharifi Panah The battle of dual-cell microtransport: transport dynamics with two carrier cells  
12.07.2023 Dr. Robert Großmann and Sönke Beier Derivation of drift-diffusion equations for bacterial chemotaxis and Chemotaxis in porous media 12:45
19.07.2023   tba Carsten not available
26.07.2023   tba Carsten not available