Target audience:  Bachelor students, Master students
                                       PhD students, co-workers
Time:                          Wednesday 08.45- 10.15 h

WS 2022/2023

Date Speaker Title Remarks
28.11.2022 no seminar   Carsten not available
05.12.2022 Dr. C. Martinez Torres Impact of cell motility types on migration through narrow spaces  
12.12.2022 A. Datta Modeling the motility of bacteria in disordered environments  
02.01.2023 no seminar    
09.01.2023 Dr. R. Großmann From phase-field models to active particles  
16.01.2023 V. Muraveva Activity of the swimmers under flow: bulk and surface  
25.01.2023 J. Albrecht Likelihood Calculation for Ameboid Motion  
01.02.2023 S. Sharifi Panah tba  
06.02.2023 M. Stange test talk Dissertation  
13.02.2023 T. Moldenhawer tba  
xy.0z.2023 M. Stange Introduction Microbiology  

SS 2022

Date Speaker Title Remarks
27.04.2022 Carsten Beta organizational meeting  
04.05.2022 Carsten Beta safety briefing  
11.05.2022 Finja Tadge The influence of substrate stiffness on the morphology of Dictyostelium discoideum  
18.05.2022 Carsten Beta good scientific practice  
25.05.2022 Steven Berth Quality of photoresist structures fabricated with direct write lithography  
01.06.2022 Dr. Cristina Martinez Torres Building complex environments to study cell motility  
08.06.2022     no seminar
15.06.2022     no seminar
22.06.2022 Jan Albrecht and Agniva Datta JA:"Inferring Active Particle Dynamics in Heterogeneous Populations" and AD:"Acquisition and Analysis of The Tracks Bacteria Leave Behind"  
29.06.2022 Valeriia Muraveva VM: "Hydrodynamic flow for studying the activity of bacterial swimmers"  
11.07.2022 Maike Stange Effects on D. discoideum cells by Regulation of CoroninA Expression at different Levels of the Protein Biosynthesis  
13.07.2022 Veronika Pfeifer and Sönke Beier VP: "How confinement impacts flagellar dynamics and motility of Pseudomonas putida" and SB: "Microscopic and macroscopic analysis of the motility of Pseudomonas putida in Agar"  
20.07.2022 Ted Moldenhawer From DdB to NF1-KO to AX2: Did statistical analysis shine light onto changes in cell motility? Carsten not available
27.07.2022 Setareh Sharifi Panah and Lara Bort How does the microtransport system works with two (Tug of War) or a multiple (collective transport) cells as agents?  
.08.2022 Dr. Robert Großmann tba