Dual Career Service

Are you a dual academic career couple planning to move to Potsdam? The Dual Career Service supports the partners of professors who are currently in appointment negotiations or discussions about remaining in office at the University of Potsdam. We help guide you through your job search and work together with the Welcome Center Potsdam and the Service for Families on organizational questions related to relocation.

The inclusion of the family in the recruitment of qualified scholars represents a central factor in the University of Potsdam’s family-friendly staffing policy. The decision to accept an appointment may depend on the professional options available to your partner within the region. This is why the Dual Career Service is available to you even during the appointment negotiations phase. We want to ensure that your entire family enjoys settling into Potsdam and the region.

Dual Career Service Services:

  • Support for the professional integration of your partner (we cannot guarantee that a job will be found)
  • Advice on continuing education and qualification programs, as well as language courses
  • Support in organizational affairs
  • Information for parents regarding child care and schools in the region
  • Assistance in finding housing

The University of Potsdam is a member of the Dual Career Network Germany (DCND).



Advisor for Appointment Management / Dual Career
Nadja Rudolf
President's Office
House 9, Room 1.Z07
Tel.: +49 331 977-1290
Fax: +49 331 977-1089
E-mail: narudolfuni-potsdamde