Jona Kunz
Foto: Jona Kunz

Jona Kunz (B. Sc. Sportwiss.)

PhD Student

I earned my bachelor’s degree in 2017 at the Humboldt University of Berlin in Sports-science. Meanwhile I worked as a student assistant for the department of training and movement science at the Humboldt University.
Currently I am finishing my master in Sports-, Movement and Health-Science at the University of Potsdam. In this context, I started to work as an intern for the department of Sport and Exercise Psychology in spring 2020.
Now I signed as a research assistant to support the Team longer term.
During my internship I was involved in a project concerning anticipated Emotions during Exercise and how people remember these feelings. This project is ongoing and at the same time subject of master thesis which is in progress as well.
Basically, I am interested in many aspects of Sports and Health Psychology and I am keen to get a better understanding of the mental mechanism behind active or inactive lifestyles.

Jona Kunz
Foto: Jona Kunz


Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)

  • Radovanović, G., Kunz, J., Bohm, S., Arampatzis, A. & Legerlotz, K., (2021). Reliable and effective novel home-based training set-up for application of an evidence-based high-loading stimulus to improve triceps surae function. Journal of Sports Sciences, doi: 10.1080/02640414.2021.1959981

Contributions to Conferences

  • Kunz, J. & Gutmann, F. (2021). Ich erinnere mich nicht und lerne trotzdem daraus. – Über die Fehleranfälligkeit affektiver Vorhersagen und die Bedeutung des tatsächlichen Erlebens.  Presentation at the 53rd Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sportpsychologie (asp), Tuebingen, Germany.