Constantin Späth
Foto: Constantin Späth

Constantin Späth, M. Sc. Sportwiss.

PhD Student

I earned my bachelor’s degree in "Health Management" (DHFPG) and achieved my master’s degree in "Sports-, Movement and Health-Science" at the University of Potsdam. Since February 2021 I am involved in the scientific working group for "Sport and Exercise Psychology". In this context I am interested in the duality between affective and reflective aspects of health behavior. Furthermore, I strive to make a contribution to Public Health. 

Constantin Späth
Foto: Constantin Späth


Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Brand, R., Nosrat, S., Späth, C. & Timme, S. (2022). Using COVID-19 Pandemic as a Prism: A Systematic Review of Methodological Approaches and the Quality of Empirical Studies on Physical Activity Behavior Change. Front. Sports Act. Living, 4:864468. doi: 10.3389/fspor.2022.864468



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