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Addresses and Keynote Lectures

Welcome Address by President and Dean

Prof. Dr. Oliver Günther, president of the University of Potsdam, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Brechenmacher, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, give their welcome addresses. 

RTG Spokerpersons' Address

RTG spokepersons Prof. Dr. Wiemann, professor of English Literature, and Prof. Dr. Eckstein, professor of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures, give their welcome addresses. 

RTG Fellows Address

RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms fellows Mariya Nikolova and Yann LeGall give their welcome addresses and a small musical performance. 

Ella Shohat: The Sephardi-Moorish Atlantic

Ella Shohat, Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the New York University, gives her lecture on "The Sephardi-Moorish Atlantic: Between Orientalism And Occidentalism." We apologize that the last half of the video is not available, due to file corruption. 

Robert Stam: Radical Indigeneity In The Red Atalantic

Robert Stam, Professor of Cinema Studies at New York University, gives his lecture on "Radical Indigeneity in the Red Atlantic: The Trilateral Traffic of Ideas."