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Qualification Programme

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The qualification programme is based on the principle of a viable balance between the doctoral researchers’ independent and guided project work on the one hand and their involvement in a range of qualifying measures that will further their international and transregional expertise as well as their experience in academic management and organisation. The main goal of the qualification programme is to prepare doctoral researches for an academic career in the various disciplines and academic fields which form part of the RTG. One of the major innovations in this respect is the global orientation of the thematic research programme as well as of the qualification structure. This especially pertains to the intense collaboration with research institutions on four continents, and a prolonged (around 5 months / 1 semester) research stay abroad (offering, in some cases, the opportunity of a joint degree).

The qualification programme offers key skills for researchers who plan academic careers such as international networking, academic publishing, and the organisation of scholarly events, as well as elective options such as an international teaching skills programme. Doctoral researchers who wish to enter career paths outside the university will be able to tailor their qualification opportunities accordingly in a range of elective qualification measures (such as key skill courses, internships, outreach projects, etc). The international orientation of the qualification programme in particular opens up career opportunities in international organisations, higher education management, the non-profit sector, specialist journalism, translation, intercultural education, and many more.