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Illustration of RTG's international network
Foto: RTG

International Network

A project that sets out to address the lacunae of cosmopolitanism studies from a decentred and pluralised position within the global knowledge economies needs to be supported by a similarly plural and decentred structural design. Consequently, this RTG locates Potsdam and Berlin at the crossroads of eight partner institutions on four different continents (in Melbourne, Sydney, Hyderabad [India], Delhi, Cape Town, Pretoria, Toronto and Durham). These crossroads are travelled extensively, both in virtual and real life exchange. The core team in Potsdam/Berlin cooperates closely with a board of scholars from the respective overseas institutions in the supervision of doctoral researchers and the surrounding teaching and research activities. Each doctoral researcher is co-supervised by one of the associated researchers at a partner institution. Fellows are given the opportunity of spending one semester at the university of their international supervisor. Although this is strongly encouraged, it is not mandatory. In the case of Pretoria, Cape Town, and Melbourne, we can offer joint degrees - in which case a longer stay at the partner university (2 semesters to one year) is required.

Meet the scholars involved in the RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms at the RTG’s international partner institutions.