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Welcome to the Research Training Group Minor Cosmopolitanisms!

The Research Training Group (RTG) minor cosmopolitanisms establishes new ways of studying and understanding the cosmopolitan project against and beyond its Eurocentric legacies. Specifically designed as a training programme for early career researchers, it offers an international framework connecting Berlin and Potsdam with partner universities in Australia, South Africa, India and the Americas to pursue PhD and Postdoctoral projects in a diverse, decentral, collective and convivial environment. Individual and joint projects within the RTG examine concrete critical, artistic as well as everyday practices which challenge the divide between cultural relativism and humanist universalism haunting the humanities and social sciences. They jointly strive to develop and promote an understanding of cosmopolitanism in the plural which combines visions of transcultural justice, peace and conviviality with an ethical commitment to difference and alterity.

The RTG took up its work in October 2016 with its first generation of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Some of the major outreach events organised by the team have since been a public lecture series in spring 2017, and two international winter / summer schools in Delhi and Sydney respectively. In December 2018, the RTG was hosted by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin for three days of panel discussions, lectures, exhibitions, performances and concerts celebrating Minor Cosmopolitanisms. The second generation of doctoral researchers started on their three-year programme in October 2019.

Learn more about the Research Training Group’s take on ‘minor cosmopolitanisms’, its research profile and qualification programme, and its international network of partner institutions.

Meet the group of scholars who initiated the Research Training Group (local supervisors), as well as the associated local and international scholars joining them.

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Call for Participation - Workshop: Potsdam Postkolonial Audioguide

Call for Participation - Workshop: Potsdam Postkolonial  

Deadline: November 15th

Wir laden Expert*innen ein sich an der Zusammenstellung des Inhalts für den Potsdam Postkolonial Audioguide zu beteiligen. Bitte schreibt uns bei Interesse eine kurze Mail für welches relevante Thema ihr einen Beitrag leisten könnt. Der Workshop sollte folgende Themen abdecken, muss sich aber nicht auf unsere Vorschläge beschränken:

  •  Brandenburgischer Versklavungshandel
  • Preußisch-niederländische Freundschaft, Handelsbeziehungen und Blackfacing Debatte
  •  Boxeraufstand und Kiautschou (inkl. chinesische astronomische Instrumente, Orangerie, Art. 131 Versailler Vertrag)
  • Chinoiserie und Exotismus im Park Sanssouci (inkl. Teehaus)
  • Fung Asseng und Fung Ahok und die Entstehung der China Studien in Deutschland
  • Die Spitze des Kilimanjaro im Neuen Palais und Hans Meyer in Ostafrika
  • Kriegerstatuen vor dem Neuen Palais
  • Park Sanssouci, die Achse der Zivilisation und das M-Rondell (inkl. Umbenennungsdebatte)
  • Schloss Sans Souci in Haiti (möglich: Einbezug der Kunst von Firelei Baez)
  •  Achmed, Diener von Prinz Carl, und Schloss Glienicke
  • Potsdams botanischer Garten

Datum und Zeit: 30. November ODER 7. Dezember, 10:30-18h

Ort: Universität Potsdam, Am Neuen Palais 10

Kontaktpersonen: Anna von Rath und Yann Le Gall von Postcolonial Potsdam (postcolonial.potsdamposteode)


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