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Third Generation Doctoral Fellows

Isadora Cardoso

One struggle one fight: intersectional discourses and activisms for climate justice in the Global South.

María Paulina Rivera Chávez

How ideas travel: Mexico’s Feminist Foreign Policy as part of a hegemonic global project.

Mohammad Dalla

Defiant Identities: The Other under Scrutiny

Sophia Doyle

Towards metabolic justice: exploring racial capitalism’s extractive frontiers in bodies and the land

Annabell Fender

Thinking with Bees in the Patchy Anthropocene: Multispecies Kinship in Histories and Futures

Sofie Fingado

Entanglements and Minor Cosmopolitan Practices of doing kinship. Resources of Survival in the Testimonies of the US Prison and Detention Complex

Sebastian Jablonski

An Archipelago of Influence: Pitcairn Islanders from Literary Contradictions to Focal Points in British and U.S. American 19th Century Colonial Writing

Abiral Kumar

Untold Treasures of the Tilism: Mapping an alternative cosmopolitan imagination in  Salman Rushdie’s magical realist fiction.

Milica Labaš

Name Misleading, Address Unknown: World-Literature Between Literary Communism and Nobody Particular

Fogha MC Cornilius Refem

'Ontologies In Conversation': Restitution As A Cosmopolitan Practice

Vira Sachenko

Anglophone transnational feminism in Ukraine: inter-imperial resistance in the contact zone

Ricarda Theobald

The humanitarian diagnosis of vulnerability: An anthropological analysis of psychological vulnerability assessments in the German asylum procedure

Associated Doctoral Fellow

Alisa Preusser

Resisting Waste Colonialism: Indigenous Literary Interventions

Joint Degree Fellows from the University of Melbourne

Photograph of Brittany Craig

Brittany Craig

The Cutting Edge: Experimental Aesthetics and Gendered Bodies in the Artistic Practices of Annette Messager, Rei Kawakubo and Lisa Robertson

Photograph of Dylan Rowen

Dylan Rowen

The Queer Modernist Novel: Experimentations in Bodily Desire and Textual Aesthetics

Postdoctoral Fellows

Photograph of Sofia Varino

Dr. Sofia Varino

Genealogies of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the Context of Climate Change and Environmental Devastation