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Topics for Theses

Our working group regularly supervises Master and Bachelor theses, and we are happy to collaborate on PhD and postdoc projects. In addition to fieldwork within Germany, we also offer international field work opportunities to master’s students. Below is a list of our current open thesis topics. At the end of the page, you will also find a template for submitting an independent thesis proposal.

When contacting us regarding a thesis topic, please let us know something about yourself. Specifically, please send us your CV including information on previous experience in R and statistics (or any other relevant skills such as fieldwork experience), your academic certificates, and a brief motivation letter explaining why you are interested in this specific topic. Information on your time frame would also be a good idea.

Please note that the language of the working group is English.


Theses with ecological data collection in Potsdam [MSc only]

woman in a field of blossoms in front of trees
Foto: Anja Linstädter
  • Enhancing Botanical Garden Research with a Naturalness Index         

      Contact persons: Magnus Dobler (magnus.dobler@uni-potsdam.de), Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter (linstaedteruni-potsdamde)





Theses with fieldwork abroad [MSc only]

The Nam Tip Team
Quelle: Nam Tip Team
  •          Rangeland ecology in an African savanna

               Contact persons: Liana Kindermann (liana.kindermann@uni-potsdam.de), Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter (linstaedter@uni-potsdam.de)




Theses with ecological data collection in Germany [BSc and MSc]/ Abschlussarbeiten mit ökologischen Datenerhebungen in Deutschland [BSc und MSc]

a grassland with an experimental setup
Foto: Sophia Meyer


  • Cooperative MSc/BSc on Plant & Insect Diverstiy at Linde research station

      Contact Persons:  Vera Kaunath (vera.kaunath@uni-potsdam.de), Liana Kindermann (liana.kindermann@uni-potsdam.de)




Relevant and Important Documents

Template - Research Plan Exposé ResearchPlanGuideline

Anmeldung der Masterverteidigung Anmeldung_Masterverteidigung

Informationen zur Anmeldung der Bachelorarbeit: Siehe Website des Prüfungsausschusses

Anleitung zum Verfassen einer Bachelor-Arbeit AnleitungBA_MAJJ

Ordnung für den Bachelorstudiengang Biowissenschaften und die Masterstudiengänge Ökologie, Evolution und Naturschutz sowie Biochemie und Molekularbiologie an der Universität Potsdam BBW und MOEN Ordnung von 2010

Richtlinie zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis für Studierende an der Universität Potsdam (Plagiatsrichtlinie) Plagiat_Richtlinien