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Archive - Previous Thesis Topics


  • Phenological responses of grassland species to climate change

​​​​​​​            Contact persons: Magnus Dobler (magnus.dobleruni-potsdamde), Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter (linstaedteruni-potsdamde)



  •   Land-use effects on plant functional diversity in Germany’s grasslands

            Contact person: Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter (linstaedteruni-potsdamde)



  • Hot summers, wet winters: Effects of experimental climate change on grassland ecosystems

           Contact person: Magnus Dobler (magnus.dobleruni-potsdamde), Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter (linstaedteruni-potsdamde)



  • Early-warning indicators for ecological tipping points in Namibian savannas

          Contact persons:Lisa Schwarz, (lisa.schwarzuni-bonnde), Florian Männer (florian.maenneruni-bonnde),

           Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter (linstaedteruni-potsdamde)



  • Effects of climate change, land-use change and diversity on carbon pools in Africa’s woodland

              Contact persons: James Nana Ofori (oforiuni-potsdamde), Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter (linstaedteruni-potsdamde)