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Clause combining and word order in heritage Turkish across majority languages

This project is subproject of the DFG-funded Research Unit Emerging Grammar (RUEG) and contributes to the common topic of the Research Unit by investigating dynamics of the grammatical development of Turkish as a minority language in the heritage context in Germany and the USA. P4 focuses on two grammatical areas. One is the postverbal position in the sentence, which is subject to special restrictions within the canonical SOV syntax of Turkish. The other is the area of sentence linking. The common methodological approach in the research group allows a contrastive approach in which we compare different registers, contact situations and majority and minority language constellations.  Participants are Christoph Schroeder as project leader, Kateryna Iefremenko as research assistant and Simge Sargın, Gökce Nur Mercan, Simge Türe and Murat Uzkan Oğuz as research assistants. Our external cooperation partners are  Ad Backus (Tilburg), Fatih Bayram (Trömsö), Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse) und Stavros Skopeteas (Göttingen)