Target audience:  Bachelor students, Master students
                                       PhD students, co-workers
Time:                          Wednesday 10.15-11.45 h

SS 2020

Date Speaker Title Remarks
22.04.2020 none organizational meeting  
29.04.2020 none organizational meeting  
06.05.2020     no seminar
13.05.2020 Carsten Beta S1-Lab safty briefing  
20.05.2020 Carsten Beta Briefing: good scientifc practise  
27.05.2020 Zarah Alirezaeizanjani Defense practice canceled
03.06.2020 Maike Stange Role of Aip1 in robust polarity formation - commen mechanisms in amoeba and plant  
10.06.2020 Setareh Sharifi Panah canceled due to illness  
17.06.2020 Dr. Sven Flemming A new optogenetic system with a chemical switch
24.06.2020 Dr. Oliver Nagel Update on PeTrA Project  
01.07.2020 Ted Moldenhawer Journal Talk: Cell-substrate adhesion drives Scar/WAVE aion and phosphorylation, which controls pseudopod lifetime  
08.07.2020 Setareh Sharifi Panah Dictyostelium discoideum as a microtransporter, how large the applied pulling force on the cargo can be?  
15.07.2020 Dr. Robert Großmann A novel approach to chemotaxis: active particles guided by internal clocks  
22.07.2020     no seminar