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Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems

Teilnehmende Gruppen:  Theoretische Physik, Statistische Physik,
                                                       Nichtlineare Dynamik, Biologische Physik,
                                                       Mathematische Modellierung, Systembiologie
Zeit:                                             Freitags 10:15 - 11:45 Uhr

WS 2023/24

Date Speaker Title Invited by Remarks
20.10.2023 -      
(27.10.2023 ABGESAGT Rosalind Allen, Universität Jena tba ATTENTION: 11:00 am in room; invited by Ralf Metzler )
27.10.2023 Sven Wang, HU Berlin On polynomial-time mixing for high-dimensional MCMC in inverse problems 10:15 am in room; joint event with SFB 1294  
(03.11.2023 VERSCHOBEN Dr. Marco G. Mazza, Loughborough University, UK Mergent Behavior in Active Matter: Towards Quantitative Predictions invited by Ralf Metzler )
10.11.2023 -      
17.11.2023 Martin Girard, MPI Polymer Physics Mainz Are phases an appropriate description for cells? - Fluctuation dominated regime in finite systems with many components invited by Ralf Metzler  
24.11.2023 Tim Jahn, University of Bonn Discretization-adaptive regularization of inverse problems joint event with SFB 1294  
01.12.2023 Prof. Jan Härter, University of Potsdam Emergent organization and bistability in the thunderstorm field invited by Karoline Wiesner  
08.12.2023 -   lecture hall booked for A. Pikovsky  
15.12.2023 Thorsten Wagner, University of Potsdam Uncertainty Quantification and Attribution in Models of the Earth System joint event with SFB 1294  
15.12.2023 Tiago Peixoto, Central European University, Vienna Implicit models, latent compression, intrinsic biases, and cheap lunches in community detection in networks invited by Karoline Wiesner ACHTUNG: 15:00 in
12.01.2024 Igor Cialenco, Illinois Institute of Technology tba joint event with SFB 1294  
02.02.2024   tba joint event with SFB 1294