Journal Club

SS 2017
Date Name paper
02.06. Manuel Frey Chemical and mechanical stimuli act on common signal transduction and cytoskeletal networks
16.06. Oliver Nagel Actin Flows Mediate a Universal Coupling between Cell Speed and Cell Persistence
23.06. Ted Moldenhawer An Introduction to Cyclic Voltammetry
30.06. Zahra Alirezaei  
14.07. Sven Flemming  
28.07. Valentino Lepro  
WS 2016/17
Date Speaker Paper Remarks
11.11.2016 SF <a href=""> Gβ Regulates Coupling between Actin Oscillators for Cell Polarity and Directional Migration</a>  
18.11.2016 MH <a href="">Biofilm streamers cause catastrophic disruption of flow with consequences for environmental and medical systems</a> moved to 25.11.2016
25.11.2016 ON <a href="">Collective Signal Processing in Cluster Chemotaxis: Roles of Adaptation, Amplification, and Co-attraction in Collective Guidance</a>  
02.12.2016 ZA <a href="">Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic order in bacterial vortex lattices</a>  
09.12.2016 VL <a href="">Three-Dimensional Balance of Cortical Tension and Axial Contractility Enables Fast Amoeboid Migration</a>  
16.12.2016 JK <a href="">Possible roles of the endocytic cycle in cell motility</a>