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Campus Am Neuen Palais
Campus Am Neuen Palais, Building 11
Campus Am Neuen Palais

Campus Am Neuen Palais

  • Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik

Workshop Series "Multimodality in Linguistic Research"

The Chair of Development and Variation of the English Language invites you to explore new possibilities for linguistic research. In the workshop series "Multimodality in Linguistic Research" you'll get acquainted with some of the "hottest topics" in Linguistics: multimodal corpus, multimodal construction grammar, co-speech gestures, viewpoint, etc. Talks by Mark Turner, John Bateman, Chiao-I Tseng, Claudia Gianelli, Eve Sweetser, and Maíra Avelar. 

Don't miss it!

More information here.


DAAD grants for study and research stays at the University of Delhi

We are happy to advertise:

* 2 study grants for one exchange semester (6 months)
More information in English and German.

* 1 research grant for a PhD student (up to 6 months)
More information in English and German.

Please send in your applications by May 31, 2017.


Still at University?! — Graduation Theme Day

You're sick and tired of annoying and recurring questions concerning your studies? We're here to help!

When? May 4th, 2017 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Where? Campus Neues Palais, courtyard house 8 and rooms 0.60/0.61
Check out our program here.


IMPORTANT: Additional Courses for the Summer Term 2017

Due to some technical difficulties several of our department's courses have so far not been listed on PULS. You can find a list and detailed course descriptions here. These classes should be uploaded to the PULS system by April 10. If you still cannot sign up for  one of these classes via PULS by then, please use the course MOODLE instead.


Field trip to Nigeria

Prof. Wolf invites all students interested in (anglophone) African languages, literatures, and cultures to a field trip to Ibadan, Nigera, which will take place from October 6–21, 2017The excursion serves primarily as a graduate-level seminar in linguistics. However, ALL students interested in African literatures and cultures – also from the Anglophone Modernities program – are invited to join and discover the country of Nobel Prize laureate Wole Soyinka, Flora Nwapa, Chinua Achebe, Buchi Emecheta etc.

For further information, please see the posters around the Department or contact Prof. Wolf (hgwolf@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de).
If you are interested, please sign up on the list in the secretary's office ( 
We are looking forward to welcoming you on board!


New Website for Our Master Program "Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture"

Please visit our updated website with practical information for both current and prospective students here


International Repatriation Workshop at the National Museum Australia, Canberra

As part of a German-Australian research network Prof. Dr. Anja Schwarz recently took part in a workshop on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander human remains and sensitive objects and their repatriation. You can find a detailed account of the project here


Statement of solidarity with those affected by President Trump’s Executive Order 

On 27 January 2017, US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order putting in place a 90-day ban that denies entry to citizens from seven Muslim majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. So far, the ban includes current visa and green card holders. Dual nationals have been advised by US consulates not to mention their citizenship of any of the seven countries subject to the ban when applying for a visa. Moreover, it is particularly alarming that the Order also suspends the admittance of all refugees to the US for a period of 120 days and terminates indefinitely all refugee admissions from Syria. 

The Department of English and American Studies sharply rejects President Trump’s Order. We express our solidarity with everybody who is affected by the ban, especially with all students, PhD researchers and colleagues at our Department who, on the mere basis of their passports, are being discriminated against by President Trump’s Executive Order – e.g., by being barred from exchange semesters or research fellowships at our partner universities in the USA; by being unable to participate in conferences held in the USA; or in any other form.  

We also wish to emphasize our determination to sustain and, where possible, intensify our friendly cooperation with our academic partners and colleagues at US universities, who, without exception, are as appalled and as outraged as we are. Our American colleagues share our view that the Order is an assault on one of the most basic prerequisites of academic practice in a globalized world: it severely impedes the free communication of ideas and insights across national, linguistic, and cultural borders. 


New Counselling Service for Students

Are you close to losing your examination entitlement? Our graduation counselling service is there to help you graduate.


Stellungnahme des Professoriums

In einem offenen Brief positioniert sich das Professorium unseres Instituts im Namen aller Mitglieder zu der Rede "25 Jahre Universität Potsdam" von Manfred Görtemaker beim Neujahrsempfang der Universität.


Aktuelles Kommentiertes Lehrveranstaltungsverzeichnis

Die Kommentierten Lehrveranstaltungsverzeichnisse sind in regelmäßigem Wechsel für das jeweilige Wintersemester ab 15. September bzw. das Sommersemester ab 15. März abrufbar. [Download des kompletten VVZ]
Wichtig: Aktuelle Ergänzungen, die erst in einigen Tagen in PULS zur Einschreibung zur Verfügung stehen werden, finden Sie hier . . . .

Kurzfristig können sich immer einige Änderungen in Raum- und Zeitangaben ergeben. Bitte gleichen Sie dringend Ihre LV nochmals mit dem aktuellen PULS ab - die Angaben bei PULS sind die korrekten !!!
Beachten Sie bitte auch kurzfristig vor Semesterbeginn zusätzliche Lehrangebote wie z.B. die eLearning-Plattform Virtual Australian Studies. Achten Sie auf Aushänge in Erdgeschoss, linker Flur.


Open Letter against Blackfacing

This is our open letter to the mayor of Potsdam, Jann Jacobs, and the service point 'A Tolerant and Safe Potsdam' against the practice of blackfacing during the annual Sinterklaas-Festival in the Dutch Quarter of Potsdam.


Virtual Australian Studies (eLearning-Angebot)

Ab dem Sommersemester 2014 bietet die an unserem Institut angesiedelte eLearning Plattform Virtual Australian Studies Seminare für BA-Studierende in den Australian Studies an.
Die Seminare werden von Lehrenden aus ganz Deutschland unterrichtet, und für das erfolgreiche Belegen der Seminare werden 3 bzw. 6 ECTS credits vergeben.
Die Deadline zur Anmeldung für diese Lehrveranstaltungen ist der 24. März und als Teilnahmegebühr fallen 60 EUR an. Näheres hier . . . .


Die Schreibberatung des Zessko

Im Zessko bieten Studierende für Studierende aller Studiengänge eine individuelle Beratung bei Problemen mit wissenschaftlichem Arbeiten an (auch in der Semesterzwischenzeit). Nähere Informationen hier...