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Studieneingangsberatung WS 2023/24

Here you find the handout for the introductory session (Studieneingangsberatung) that our Department offers for new students during introductory weeks.
For further information, please, contact our respective study supervisors.


Talking American Studies (Podcast)

Talking American Studies (Podcast)

Talking American Studies is a podcast spotlighting contemporary contributions to American Studies, featuring scholars sharing their work. Available via spotify, itunes, twitter & facebook.

Conference: Writing a British Childhood in a Global Context?

The international conference takes place from September 25 - 27th 2024 at the University of Potsam (Audimax).

Current Projects:

Diversity in our Department - a short video

The strength of the MA ‘Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture’ lies in its diverse student body, which enables thoughtful intellectual and experiential exchange. The focus on postcolonial and global studies in this department and the affiliated Potsdam Postcolonial Chair for Global Modernities is thus not merely in name; with a series of visiting guest faculty from postcolonial regions and a student body from all around the world (from places as diverse as India, the United States, Colombia, New Zealand, Armenia, Germany, Turkey, Bangladesh, Brazil, or Japan), students learn with and from each other— inside and outside of class. Watch the video to listen to some of our students’ and guest professors’ thoughts and reflections on diversity in the ‘Anglophone Modernities’ in this student-produced short film.

Potsdam Postcolonial Chair for Global Modernities

Potsdam Postcolonial Chair for Global Modernities

The Department of English and American Studies hosts the Potsdam Postcolonial Chair for Global Modernities funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) from 2020-2022.

Tupaia’s Map

Lars Eckstein and Anja Schwarz have extensively researched a legendary map of the Pacific, drawn in 1769/1770 by the Polynesian master navigator Tupaia for James Cook and his crew.

Didaktikwerkstatt Englisch

The »Didaktikwerkstatt Englisch« is a reference library that offers a collection of materials for the teaching and learning of English as an additional language.

cover hard times

»Hard Times«

A biannual magazine now hosted by the English Department offering short articles, discussions, and interviews providing critical input on current cultural phenomena and political debates.


RTG »Minor Cosmopolitanisms«

The Research Training Group (RTG) minor cosmopolitanisms establishes new ways of studying and understanding the cosmopolitan project beyond its Eurocentric legacies.


Writing the Cosmopolitan Imagination

Writing the Cosmopolitan Imagination: is a bilateral research and exchange network involving the Departments of English and German at the University of Potsdam and the University of Delhi.

Network Digital Humanities

As part of its strategic research funding, Potsdam University is supporting a »Network for Digital Humanities«. The initiative aims to connect local and international actors in this emerging field.

Degrees in Focus:

Master of Anglophone Modernities

The master Anglophone Modernities and Culture prepares graduates for an academic profession in research and teaching with a focus on postcolonial, British or American Literatures and Cultures.

Young woman at a window with book

Linguistik im Kontext (LinK)

Linguistik im Kontext is a master’s program offering multifaceted insight into current approaches to linguistic study, preparing students for a scientific career and introducing areas of application.


Teacher Training - English as a foreign language (EFL)

Are you thinking about studying education at our department? Here is information that may help you.

Two-subject bachelor English/American Studies

Are you thinking about earning a B.A. in English and American Studies? You will find more information here.

Hands on:

English Drama

English Drama Group

The English Drama Group has been part of campus life at the University of Potsdam for 34 years now. Over time, it evolved from a curriculum course to a versatile company managed by students.

Call for Participation

Student Representatives (Fachschaft)

Questions about your program, courses, etc? Visit us during our office hours (or set up an appointment with us), send us an email or take a look at our website.


Academic English

Academic English is situated at the crossroads of deepening an already well-advanced language proficiency and the knowledge acquired in linguistics as well as cultural and literary studies.