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The Brandenburg State University and the College of Education

The Brandenburg State University was founded in October 1948 and housed in the auxiliary buildings of the Neues Palais. The northern Commun was only ready for occupancy in the winter semester of 1949/50. Renovation work on the southern Commun lasted until the spring of 1952. A suspended ceiling was installed in the Marstall to create space for the main lecture hall (Auditorium maximum). Between 1954 and 1958, a northern counterpart to the Marstall was built to house a cafeteria and an indoor swimming pool (Building 12). About 25,000 teachers completed their education here between 1948 and 1991. In 1951 the Brandenburg State University was renamed as the College for Education, with the addition of the appellation “Karl Liebknecht” in 1971, and then its original name was restored in 1990.

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