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Location: Griebnitzsee

Neubau der Juristischen Hochschule (JHS) des MfS in Potsdam, Dezember 1989

The Griebnitzsee Campus, the easternmost of the University of Potsdam’s three campuses, is located on the railway line from Potsdam to Berlin. The oldest buildings date from the late nineteenth century and were built as the headquarters of the German Red Cross. Under the National Socialist regime, the executive board of the German Red Cross had its offices here. The architectural traces of this period are visible to this day. The Soviet Military Administration was located here for a short time after 1945. Beginning in 1952, the buildings were used by the “Academy for Law and Political Science of the GDR.” Since 1991, the buildings, some of which are listed for historical preservation, have been the home of the Law Faculty, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, and the Digital Engineering Faculty, which emerged from the Hasso Plattner Institute.

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