Group Seminars

A monthly seminar on the individual group activities and related progress including a tutorial-style introduction takes place on

Mondays at 14:15

External/Internal guests and the topic of their presentations will be announced below.


UDKM Group Seminar 2022      





UDKM research topics: Highlights and Future Topics

25.04.2022Nanoscale thermal/energy transport Marc 
23.05.2022Reactive Plasmonics: Photophysics and chemistry with nanoparticles Wouter 
13.06.2022Ultrafast magnetoacoustics in NIckel Jasmin
11.07.2022 Taking a group photo in the courtyard of building 28  at 2 p.m. 
11.07.2022Testing the Three-Temperature Model in Ni by combined UXRD an MOKE experiment Max 

08.08.2022                   Summer vacation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

05.09.2022Recent progress in plasmonics @ UDKM Matias ? 
26.09.2022Laser-assisted ferroelectric switching Rekikua 
17.10.2022Disentangle the intrinsic timescale of the metamagnetic phase transistion in FeRh Max
14.11.2022(concepts for) Picosecond ultrasonics with X-rays Alex
12.12.2022Plasmonics during Advent season Felix