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Publikationen 2018



  • Khajooei, Mina; Lin, Chiao-I; Steffan, Müller; Mayer, Frank. Effect of Instability in Legpress Testing on Strength & Muscle Activity in Functional Ankle Instability: 2426 Board #262 June 1 930 AM - 1100 AM. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2018 - Volume 50 - Issue 5S - p 602. doi: 10.1249/01.mss.0000537073.01736.db


Fulltext articles

    • Appiah-Dwomoh E, Mueller S, Mayer F. Reproducibility of static and dynamic postural control measurement in adolescent athletes with back pain. Rehabilitation Research and Practice (2018) (
    • Cassel M, Risch L, Intziegianni K, Mueller J, Stoll J, Brecht P, Mayer F. Incidence of Achilles and Patellar Tendinopathy in Adolescent Elite Athletes. Int J Sports Med. Int J Sports Med 2018; 39(09): 726-732.
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    • Mueller J, Martinez-Valdes E, Stoll J, Mueller S, Engel T, Mayer F. Differences in neuromuscular activity of ankle stabilizing muscles during postural disturbances: a gender-specific analysis. Gait & Posture 61 (2018) 226-231 (epub January 2018)
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    • Mugele H & Plummer A, Steffen K, Stoll J, Mayer F, Mueller J. General versus sports-specific injury prevention programs in athletes: A systematic review. (accepted PlosOne 10/2018)
    • Staub M, Gursch A-M, Puschmann A-K, de Witt Huberts J, Mueller J & Wippert P-M. Therapie- und Compliance-Faktoren aus Sicht der am Behandlungsprozess beteiligten Experten am Beispiel Rückenschmerz. Praxis Klinische Verhaltensmedizin und Rehabilitation, 2018; 102: 114-123.
    • Verch R, Hirschmueller A, Mueller J, Baur H, Mayer F, Mueller S. Is in-toing gait physiological in children? - Results of a large cohort study in 5910 healthy (pre-) school children. Gait & Posture (epub August 2018)



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    Doctoral Theses

    • Stoll J. Gesundheitsmonitoring im Langstreckenmotorsport. Eine Analyse von Athletenprofilen, häufigen Beschwerden und deren Ableitung für präventive Trainingsprogramme im Quer- und Längsschnitt. Dissertation. urn:nbn:de:kobv:517-opus4-420880. 2018 p.1-121



    • Camilo Germán A. Pérez Chaparro:"Effects of aerobic and resistance exercise alone or combined on strength and hormone outcomes for people living with HIV. A meta-analysis."
    • Jimmy Lawrence: "Pain experience' correlates with perceived effort and heart rate, but not with group-selected pacing during ultra-endurance cycling."
    • Aglaja Busch: "Neuromuscular acitivity during stair descent in ACL reconstructed patients."
    • Nils Freitag: "High‐Intensity Interval Training and Hyperoxia during Chemotherapy: A Case Report about Feasibility, Safety and Physical functioning in an colorectal cancer patient"



    • Henschke J, Stoll J, Engel T & Mayer F. Unterschied zweier Trainingsinterventionen für den Rumpf auf die Kraftleistungsfähigkeit. 2018
    • Wallendorf J, Stoll J, Kopinski S & Mayer F. Mindestdosis eines rumpfspezifischen Trainings zur Prävention von chronisch unspezifischen Rückenschmerzen: Eine systematische Literaturrecherche. 2018