Student Assistants

Mille Viktoria Døssing
Bachelor of Science in Psychology - in progress
Interest: Mental health concerns in the Digital Age, Smart Cities (digitalisation and sustainability) and the impact of social networks on political discourse

E-Mail: milledoessinggmailcom

Laura Onnasch
Business informatics - in progress
Interest: Statistics and large data analysis, gender bias in information technology, specifically digital discrimination on sharing economy platforms. 

E-Mail: onnaschuni-potsdamde

Maximilian Paul
Photo: unbekannt

Maximilian Paul
Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Physics - in progress
Interest : data mining and Big-5, statistics, impact of Social Media on behavior and well-being

E-Mail: maxipauluni-potsdamde

Maximilian Paul
Photo: unbekannt
Photo: Jan Kopankiewicz

Max Töpfer
Bachelor of Arts Social Studies - in progress
Interest : Power Theory, Cybernetics, Surveillance / Digital Capitalism, Class Theory, Network Theory, Techno- and Xenofeminism

E-Mail: matoepferuni-potsdamde

Photo: Jan Kopankiewicz

Georg Voronin
Master of Science in Information Systems and Digital Transformation - in progress
Interest: Causes and Consequences of Digital Transformation, esp. the Economics of Cryptocurrencies and Artificial Intelligence, Social Media and Computer-Brain Interfacing

 E-mail: georg.voroninuni-potsdamde