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Social Media and Data Science

Social Media like Facebook are changing the society we live in today: they change how we present ourselves the way to communicate and spend our leisure time. While these platforms are increasingly influencing our daily routines, conversations and leisure, many question the longer-term consequences of this. The aim of our research is to understand the nature and consequences of this development on individuals, society as a whole, as well as on companies and the legislator. To achieve this the understanding the application of Data Science methods to our research contexts is practiced.

Weizenbaum Institut

Weizenbaum Research Fellowship

University of Potsdam is awarding Junior Researcher Fellowships as well as Senior Researcher Fellowships for the years 2018, 2019, and 2020.

phubbing explained

Phubbing: The Role of Smartphones in our Lives

Phubbing (“phone” and “snubbing”) refers to snubbing a conversational partner when using the smartphone in his or her company.


Sharing Economy

The arrival of the new “sharing economy” has revolutionized consumption habits across a wide range of goods and services.

Digital Integration: The Role of Technology for Social Inclusion of Refugees

With a challenge of integrating refugees into hosting societies comes the question about the role that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) could play in the ongoing integration efforts.

Animated Lock

Data and Privacy

At our chair we are designing and implementing automated extraction and readability analysis toolsets and study psychological reactions to policy readability and content.