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The CRC is interdisciplinary and its diverse research areas offer excellent research, training and career opportunities for scientists. The integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) provides a structured training and career support programme to enable the doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to take full advantage of their knowledge and skills in their future careers. Since the focus of the graduate programme is on the personal and professional development of the research fellows, two mandatory and consecutive workshops shall be attended during participation in the CRC. The first kick-off workshop (onboarding, personal development & career planning) will take place in the autumn of 2024 and will foster the identification of the strengths of each (post)doctoral researcher as well as the determination of skill sets they would like to develop further over the course of their project. The goal of the participants will be to identify their personal plans, visions, and dreams concerning their future career, and to record these in a document. This document will be the basis for a second workshop (mid-term camp) after 1.5 years, which will encourage the participants to reflect and discuss about their achieved goals, necessary adjustments, and further development plans. To achieve this, we have compiled a qualification programme, which allows to be adapted to the needs and interests of each individual fellow. Therefore, the programme has four main modules, each of them offering several options for courses, from which the fellows can chose. The three RTG retreats, in contrast, will be mainly organized by the research fellows among themselves.

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Structure of the IRTG

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