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Summaries of central projects Z

The central projects Z1-Z4 are technical and/or administrative projects are an important and integral part of the CRC 1636 as they support and connect all projects of area A and B and organize the external communication the CRC.

Z01: Preparation, characterization and tuning of nanoparticles and tailor-made substrates for plasmonic chemistry
Yan Lu, Andreas Taubert, Bernd Schmidt

This service project aims at (1) providing a service platform for both the synthesis and the characterization of plasmonic materials and organic molecules necessary for the other projects and (2) at developing new synthetic protocols and analytical methods for new plasmonic materials. In particular, alternative plasmonic materials will be developed that are based on earth-abundant elements such as metal nitrides and chalcogenides.  

Z02: Joint optics lab: Technological development of optical excitation and probing (scientific service project including mobile laser sources, detectors and large-scale facility support)
Marc Herzog

This service project provides technical support and assistance for the numerous projects that require the use of modulated and/or ultrashort laser sources for excitation and probing of the hybrid samples composed of nanoscale metals and molecules. As a central technological development, it aims at implementing spectroscopic techniques such as surface-enhanced Raman scattering with superior time resolution or time-resolved Raman spectroscopy using ultrashort pulses ultimately also combining those with spatial resolution. This will allow the research consortium to address and advance the scientific questions towards the understanding of the primary events in plasmon-assisted chemical processes.

Z03: Central Administrative Project
Matias Bargheer, Ilko Bald

In order to enhance the outcomes and impact of the CRC, it is essential to establish optimal collaboration and communication among the individual projects. Project Z03 is dedicated to coordinating organizational tasks and central financial administration within the CRC. Z03 provides support to all principal investigators in their collective responsibilities, such as staff recruitment, documentation of research outputs, and promoting diversity within the CRC.

Z04: Transfer & Outreach
Amitabh Banerji

This project is twofold. In the transfer part, we aim to develop hands-on experiments and teaching-materials for understanding light-driven plasmonic processes on an undergraduate or graduate level (e.g. schools and higher educational institutions). In the outreach part, we aim to develop science communication activities (e.g. Girls’ Days, science fairs, science slams) and to integrate the CRC research fellows into these activities to foster their science communication skills by offering special outreach modules in the RTG qualification program.