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Developmental Psychology - Léonie Trouillet

Léonie Trouillet

Léonie Trouillet

PhD Student and Academic Staff


Campus Golm
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
14476 Potsdam
Haus 14, Raum 1.35


consulting hours
by appointment

For questions regarding the supervision of bachelor and master theses in developmental psychology, please contact:

Léonie Trouillet is working in the developmental psychology group since 2018. She is investigating learning and imitation in infants in her doctoral thesis. Specifically, she is interested in the influence of verbal cues during action demonstration on infants’ subsequent imitation behavior of tool-use actions.

Conference contributions:

Trouillet, L., Mani, N., Elsner, B. (2019, September). The influence of verbal information on learning of action-object-associations during the 2nd year of life. Poster presented at the paEpsy-Conference, Leipzig, Germany.

Trouillet, L., Bothe R., Mani, N., Elsner, B. (2020, July). 17-month-old Infants’ Goal and Movement Imitation on Different Levels of Goal Saliency. Poster presented at virtual International Congress of Infant Studies, online format.

Trouillet, L., Bothe, R., Mani, N., Elsner, B. (2021, January). Does verbal highlighting of a tool’s function help 18-and 24-month-olds to imitate?. Poster presented at Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development, online format.