The Use of Structural and Lexical Information in Second Language Sentence Processing

University of Essex

Supported by the University of Essex(2003-2004)

This project investigated the role of structural and non-structural information in second-language (L2) sentence comprehension using speeded grammaticality judgements. It formed part of a larger ongoing project investigating and comparing language processing strategies in native and non-native comprehenders.

Project staff

Claudia Felser (principal investigator)
Mikako Sato (researcher)


Felser, C., M. Sato & N. Bertenshaw (2009). The on-line application of Binding Principle A in English as a second language. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 12, 485-502.

Sato, M. & C. Felser (2010). Sensitivity to morphosyntactic violations in English as a second language. Second Language 9, 101-118.