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Morphological Processing in Child and Adult English

University of Essex

Supported by the Leverhulme Trust (January 2011 - December 2013)

This project investigates processes involved in the real-time production of morphologically complex words in English-speaking children and adults by using event-related brain potentials and behavioural tasks. We will specifically employ the technique of delayed vocalizations for studying language production using brain potentials.

Children in three age groups (6-to-7-year olds, 8-to-9-year olds, 11-to-12-year olds) in addition to adult controls will be studied, to determine how mechanisms for morphological processing develop over time. Different morphological phenomena will be covered including inflection, derivation, and compounding.

Project staff

Harald Clahsen

Chris Barry

Silke Paulmann

Mary-Jane Budd