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The Résumé

Life has ups and downs and rough edges. Your résumé therefore cannot and does not have to be a straightforward narrative. It is much more important that you consider what qualifications you have and how they fit the desired position. Because, the first glance when viewing applications often falls onto the résumé. HR managers can get an idea of ​​you as an applicant within a very short time.

What actually makes a successful résumé? What does it look like, what has to go in, what should go out?

A résumé clearly presents relevant information about your career. The readers should get a good impression of you as an applicant:

What did you do when and where?

Again: there is no such thing as "right" or "wrong"! A résumé is unique and should suit you and the advertised job. Therefore, it does not make sense to use a template or a standard version. Our tips are only intended as a guide.

Our tips for your résumé:

Weighing up content

Synchronize content

Organize content


Presentation and chronology

What should definitely be included?

What should not be included?

To conclude

Anything else?