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Cover Letter

Imagine that you are responsible for filling a position. You have to find the person who best suits the position from 100 applications as quickly as possible. What do you think of when you keep reading the sentence "I hereby apply for the advertised position"? How do you react to the words "flexible" and "team player"?

In order to write a successful cover letter, it is worth changing your perspective, because one thing is clear: Your application documents are initially everything that HR managers see of you. So take enough time for each job advertisement and consider:

  • What interests you about the specific position?
  • What suitable skills and experiences do you have?

These two points sound banal, but they are the essence of a good cover letter. Now, it is important to bring the most important arguments to the point in a concise text. We have collected a few tips and hints.

Our tips for your cover letter:

Choose an exciting start

Use specific examples

Describe your soft skills using examples

Establish a relationship with the employing institution

Polish your writing