Writing BEAUTIFULLY! How to leave a lasting impression with your cover letter and application


Imagine that you were responsible for filling the position that you’re applying for. From hundreds of applications, you must find the person best suited for the position as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, imagine when looking at the applications that all the people initially tell you that they are “hereby applying for the open position.” What’s more, you feel as if you’ve read the words “flexible” and “team player” at least five hundred times—anemic platitudes and redundancies then elicit a yawn at best, but certainly not a hint of enthusiasm.

This change of perspective is important when a person wishes to write a good cover letter because one thing becomes clear: Initially, your letter and application are the only thing that human resources decision-makers see of you. So that you make a good impression, it’s necessary to carefully choose your words and to optimally present your skills. Therefore you should spend enough time for every position to consider why it interests you, which aspects of it particularly appeal to you, and which abilities and most of all what experience you bring to it. These points are the essence of a good cover letter. If you scrupulously complete this preparatory work, with a little bit of practice it will also become easier for you to succinctly encapsulate the most important points within a short cover letter.


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Our tips for your cover letter:

Don’t have a boring opening

Avoid redundancies

Describe soft skills with examples

Establish a connection to the employer

Polish your writing