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Picture: Franziska Cobet

Research Human Biology

Human biology includes anatomy and physiology of humans, as well as physical anthropology. It uses methods from comparative biology to investigate human nature, cause and consequences of biological variability within our own species, Homo sapiens, as well as their relatives and ancestors. Due to the complex interplay of biological, social and cultural factors within the human species, human biology works closely together with other disciplins such as medicine, cultural and social sciences. Human biology is characterised by the special case where the investigating subject and the subject of interest is the same species. The highest priority of all research in human biology is thus to remain the inviolability and anonymity of the human contestants at all costs and in every circumstances.

At the University of Potsdam, human biology research is centered around ecological topics. We investigate the effect of changing environmental factors on the physical development and performance, as well as the anthropologic basis to form the environment according the metric and physiological needs of humans.

Logo human biology
Picture: Franziska Cobet

Research topics

  • Classification of  stunting, over- and underweight
  • Growth and development of children and adolescents
  • Influense of ecological and social factors on phenotypic characteristics of body measurements
  • Applied ergonomy
  • Factors influencing menarchal age in current and historical populations
  • Social influences on body height
Photo: Schweizerbart Science Publishers
Variability of body height in a population (percentiles and standard deviation)