Endowed Professorship of Immunotechnology

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Welcome to the homepage of the Endowed Professorship of Immunotechnology PIT.

The PIT belongs to the Institute of Biochemistry and Biology of the University of Potsdam. We are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the InnoProfile Transfer program.

The PIT is developing innovative technologies in antibody generation that should be combined to a unique, efficient and fast antibody producing platform during the life span of the project (2015-31.08.2020). One main topic dedicates the development of an artificial immune reaction to produce specific monoclonal antibodies in vitro.

The research group at a glance
Founding of the company “new/era/mabs GmbH”

Katja Hanack and Pamela Holzlöhner decided in 2014 to found a company in the context of the InnoProfile initiative. The company „new/era/mabs“ offers the custom-made generation of monoclonal antibodies. Technologies that were developed during the funding period were transferred into the company. The company won the Guido-Reger award from the University of Potsdam for the “most innovative start up” in 2014.

The Journal „Unternehmen Region“ (2016 / Ausgabe 2) introduces the two entrepreneurs and the funding idea. The headline of the articel is „Eine neue Ära“(a new era)

Job Offer

We are searching for a student assistant starting from the first of march 2023 (01.03.2023) to help us for 8 hours per week in our lab. Your area of responsibility would include the preparation of laboratory equippment, buffers and solutions, work in the animal facility and experimental support. If you are interested, work clean and accurate and you are reliable, feel welcome to contact us. Contact: Ms. Malgorzata Czarnecka, maczarne@uni-potsdam.de.

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Corona Research at the Potsdam Science Park

Corona Drugs, Antiviral Respiratory Masks, and Novel Testing Methods — At the Potsdam Science Park, institutes and companies are working on therapeutic options and solutions to further curb the spread of the corona virus or to accelerate the healing of patients.

Here is an overview of the various projects.

Are you ready to enter a new era of antibody generation?

Selma™ technology is based on transgenic myeloma cell lines expressing an artificial surface marker. These enable us to link the antigen-specific antibody and the secreting hybridoma cell. Moreover, the system allows a flexible screening for wanted isotypes and wanted or non-wanted cross-reactivities.